Route 33 Nissan Offers a Wide Variety of Sedans Including the 2017 Sentra


While SUVs and crossovers can be both luxurious and adventurous at the same time, sometimes a quality sedan is just more practical for drivers. When it comes to cargo space, performance and both exterior and interior design in sedans, there’s no question that the Nissan brand knows what it’s doing, and the 2017 Nissan Sentra is a prime example of that.

Route 33 Nissan has an entire lot filled with a variety of impressive models, but drivers would be hard-pressed to pass up on the Nissan Sentra in 2017.

An impressively-styled exterior helps sedan drivers stray from typical conservation and convention. An aggressive grille featuring a distinct honeycomb pattern will have bystanders turning heads as you drive past, and signature LED headlights not only give drivers a clear line of sight, but also add a fresh, modern design cue to this classic model in the Nissan line. Drivers will have the option of making a statement every time his or her Sentra hit the rubber, too, thanks to available 17” alloy wheels. What you see is what you get when it comes to the Nissan Sentra, and every aspect of its outward appearance is sure to impress.

Inside the cabin, both driver and passenger will find that the 2017 Nissan Sentra was designed with quality in mind. Fine, soft-touch materials and a coup of available amenities fill the interior. A leather-appointed cabin keeps everyone inside comfortable, and heated seats are available for both the pilot and the front seat rider. Piano Black trim and a leather-wrapped steering wheel tie everything together, making for a rich, tangible driving experience.

Inside and outside, the Sentra is sure to please. Head to Route 33 Nissan today to take it for a test drive or take your own right off the lot!

Available Sentra SR Turbo Performance is Sure to Impress

If you’re looking to not only get from Point A to Point B, but to do it with quality, the 2017 Nissan Sentra is undoubtedly the car for you. The SR Turbo version is also available to those looking for an added boost.

It starts with the excellence and performance that is synonymous with the Nissan Sentra, then the 1.6-L Turbocharged DiG engine takes things up to another level. It gives Sentra SR Turbo over 50% more horsepower than other Sentra models. The aforementioned leather-wrapped steering wheel and 17” alloy wheels keep the idea of luxury in spite of the model carving up whatever road you take it down. Don’t worry – If you get carried away, the Turbo-specific, higher heat-resistance brake pads are sure to help reality set back in.

Get to where you need to go in a 2017 Nissan Sentra. Visit Route 33 Nissan today, or browse if you’re looking to take a closer look at the sedan before you stop in.
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